User Experience

V7 brings an evolution in features and a revolution in user experience:

  • Support of all clients: desktop, tablet & mobile
  • Responsive design: adjusts to browser
  • Latest Web User Interface Technologies




V7 puts the end user in the driver seat to accelerate process understanding:

  • Visualization controlled by end user
  • Full focus on process content without distraction by buttons, icons, or links
  • Multiple perspectives for viewing, modeling, showing differences, translations, etc.



Process Modelling

V7 minimizes the efforts to define, share, and use processes:

  • Quick create & quick assign of process content
  • Inline editing of descriptions and other attributes
  • Unified Guidance: all explanatory materials (e.g. practices, templates, checklists, tools, trainings) in one place.



Our On-demand webinars

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