Process Automation


The Stages integration for IBM Rational Team Concert lets software engineers experience the process in the most convenient way: RTC reacts just like it should. Work items are automatically created and updated, process information is carried over and can be used with one click.

As an example, the Change Management process can be defined in Stages and the integration guides the engineers through all necessary steps and makes working in compliance to the process and the standards extremely easy. This is equally useful for Requirements, Test, and Risk Management, or all other continuous processes.

The automation is flexibly configurable and has the following capabilities:

  • Creation and update of arbitrary work items according to the defined process – even across different RTC Project Areas
  • Copying attributes between work items which depend on each other
  • Creation and update of links from work items to milestones, change requests, and other work items with arbitrary RTC link types
  • Break down of work items into products, components, or subprojects, i.e. useful for change requests
  • Status update of work items when all related tasks have been completed or reached a specific state
  • Every other automation which can be performed through the RTC Server API (which is basically every possible RTC operation)


All automations can be combined with the unique Stages process tailoring capabilities, so that every RTC project can use a standard process, but adapt it to their specific requirements.

The Stages integration is capable of dynamically reacting on the context, for example a “Perform Hazard Analysis” task is only created, if the related Change Request has been marked as safety-critical.

Every created work item always contains a link back to the respective Stages process description, so that engineers can quickly access the appropriate practices, work with the current work products or download the latest templates for their work with only one click.

The process automations are performed by a Stages Plugin for RTC that has been certified as “Ready for Rational” by IBM.

Feel free to contact us for more background information.