Podcast: Engineering in a Hyperconnected World

Join Method Park and IBM in podcasts and whitepapers to help tackle critical engineering challenges in a three step approach:

  • People, Process & Practices: Build the solid groundwork to enable your organization for change
  • Avoid the Complexity Trap: Learn from the frontrunners in your industry, which practices worked and also which have failed
  • Create Products for a Hyperconnected World: Convince your management to act, provide the necessary resources and remain competitive
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Bring your processes to life with Stages and ALM

Process Management for IBM Rational Team Concert

Enable and empower software teams by optimizing their work environment. Quickly set up, manage and run development projects, use automation to reduce overhead. Provide practice and guidance at your developer’s fingertips to reduce administrative burden and unleash their creativity.

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Align your engineering processes & tools

Process Management for Systems Engineering

Use Stages to ensure systems engineering processes are implemented consistently across the organization. Engineers can quickly navigate and understand the process context and find the information they need. Project Managers have optimized processes based on their specific requirements while still following standard procedures. Stages executes the processes directly in typical engineering environments, whilst ensuring their compliance with industry standards and best practices, such as CMMI, ISO 26262, IEC62304 & DO-178/254. 

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