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Stages V7 Cloud Release

On November 15th the Stages V7 cloud release will finally be available! As one of our valued customers we would like to grant you early access to the cloud version of Stages V7.

You can take part in shaping Stages V7 by test-driving this early access version and letting us know what you think.

The feedback you provide on quality and usability helps us to identify issues, correct them, and make the Stages software even better. Please note that since this is an early access release, it may not contain all features of the final released software. We plan to update the cloud with new features every two to four weeks.

How do I get access to it?

Access to the Stages V7 will be granted only to a limited number of existing Stages customers. Please register by filling out the form below. We will get in touch with you soon afterwards. Access to the Stages V7 cloud is free

How can I give feedback?

After giving you some time to explore Stages V7 we will be in touch with you to collect your feedback. If you experience any issues or something does not work as expected, please send your feedback directly to stagesinfo(at)

Registration Form - Stages V7 Cloud

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