Stages Insights North America

Never again without processes| A methodical approach to meaningful processes

October 3rd, 2016

Stages Insights 2016 took place on October 3rd, 2016 in Rochester, MI for people considered leaders in Systems & Software Engineering. Experts outlined why a methodical approach is important in order to define useful product engineering processes. Solutions showcased how the right methodology can be applied to define and useful processes that are easy to understand.

This event was a special opportunity to witness the leap in evolution in engineering process management with Stages Version 7. Learn more: Experience Better Processes 


  • View to the Stages Roadmap
  • Trends & news around processes:
    • The Stages method
    • Complexity in engineering
  • Experience with Stages in use
  • Experience exchange and Networking



In this fun and relaxing forum participants learned from and network with others involved in process improvement and execution in project teams. Several Method Park customers presented their process implementations and showcased how Stages is being applied to successfully support their business goals.


Start Finish Company Speakers Topic
09:00 9:30 Method Park   Welcome
09:30 10:15 Siemens Healthcare Whaden Curtis Harmonizing Processes – A methodical approach to establishing useful common processes
10:15 11:00 Method Park Prof. Dr. Bernd Hindel Process Management 4.0 – An Insight into Methodical Process Management
11:00 11:30     Coffee Break
11:30 12:15 BigLever Software Dr. Paul Clements Product Line Engineering Meets Process Management: Helping Organizations Get the Best of Both Worlds
12:15 1:00 Method Park Robert Baillargeon Community Process Farming: Encouraging growth and realization of processes in the community
01:00 02:00     Lunch
02:00 02:45 Method Park Dr. Erich Meier Experience Better Processes - The Stages Road Map
02:45 03:15     Coffee Break
03:15 4:00 General Motors, Ford, Method Park Wendy Johnson, Tom Erickson, Erich Meier Panel Discussion: How Automotive mega-trends are driving engineering processes